• Admiral Gromak (Deceased)

    Admiral Gromak (Deceased)

    A grot freebooter kapitan
  • Archmagus Xavros

    Archmagus Xavros

    A Dark Mechanicum
  • Arturus


    With a slight stench of death and rot, this space marine towers over his seas of foes. He goes into combat proudly in his bone colored armor..adorned with the markings of his deity..Grandfather Nurgle.
  • Aun'So'Ka


    A Tau Ethereal, large black eyes and deep, light blue skin. He is dressed in the robes of his station
  • Carrion Queen Skarna (Deceased)

    Carrion Queen Skarna (Deceased)

    Thin and muscular. The woman known as the Carrion Queen is covered in bones, piercings, and trinkets from around the ship.
  • Drask


    The badass face smasher who blindly runs into combat.
  • Interrogator Crane (Deceased)

    Interrogator Crane (Deceased)

    Recently de-thawed torturer.
  • Karnak Zul

    Karnak Zul

    A gaunt human man, covered in hooks in chains. He is covered in script and purity seals. He floats above weighted chains, cold white eyes staring from a hairless body.
  • William Arn

    William Arn

    Lean man standing about six feet tall. Always wears a leather glove over his right hand with the imperial symbol of the Commissariat displayed on it. Also frequents wearing black chain mail armor and a power sword.