Let The Galaxy Burn!

Iron Within, Iron Without

The heretics strike at the Iron Warrior guardians.

The warband launched its assault against the Emmisarry and his servitors. Chainblades clashed against ceramite. The great fist of the Emmisary smashed into Drask, shattering the chestplate of his armor and crumbling him to the ground. Plasma blasts from the Emmisary’s plasma pistol struck through cover and armor, wounding Arturus. After a pitched battle, where survival was slim, a psychic mishap jammed all the weapons in the area, causing the pistol to overload, and stun the Iron Warrior. The warband pushed their advance, bringing the warrior down and decapitating him. With his dying gasps, he called his battle brothers to reinforce as the heretics tried to find another way to halt and delay the progress on the titan.

The melta welders and tools around the manufactorum helped in the sabatoge. Arturus and Dalek went to destroy the other elevator. It was already in motion, with three Iron Warrior Tactical Marines onboard. The resulting firefight was devastating. After a blight grenade mishap, Dalek began to swiftly back away from combat. Arturus was left facing down the marines as he was pelted with bolter shell after bolter shell, sustaining injury after injury. Drask soon entered the fray and Arn, as well, slowly bringing down the small squad of Warriors.

The heretics were finished, and retreated back to the underhive where they were met by Xavros. He agreed to their payment and said that the Chains would be ready within two weeks. This left William Arn time to look for a suitable captain for the ship. Many of the qualified captains were already on ships. A few xenos, including the renegade eldar Valekarvarian the Black and Kapitan Gromak, a Freebooter captain with a few of his boyz were qualified and available.

Arn decided to visit the rumors of Gromak and found his boyz and the Kapitan too easy to manipulate. They hired him almost immediately and now await the Chains to be finished beign repaired.

They are left hunting for the remaining crew, a staff of Mechanicum, and a competant way to navigate the warp.



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