Let The Galaxy Burn!

Dealing With The Mad

Answers create more questions

After gathering stories from pirate crews, and folk tales from the locals, it is clear that there is no historical record of the Kasserkratch and it’s role within the Vortex. It is known to many that the sorcerer lords of Q’sal are industrious and scholarly. After travelling to the planet, and observing some of the strange customs, they ask around for some kind of specialist. This leads them to a demented, minor psyker/scholar named Dalafion. His research is disorganized and immobile. It is in code and vaguely indecipherable.

After bartering a deal for information in exchange for souls, the warband has the possible next location of the Grand Cruiser.

In the meantime, several attempts at creating a Daemonhost prove to be eventually successful, and a daemonic minion of Chaos is imprisoned in the body of a young girl.

Several long conversatiosn with Archmagos Xavros have proven to be logistically difficult. After establisshing a priority, refitting the Chains, and gathering the needed supplies, they head off for the quardinates. Dalek searches and observes the tides of the Warp, looking for a surge where the ship might appear. By suprise, it turns up right in front of them, nearly causing a collision. The Chains creates a makeshift dock on the ship, and preparations are made to board it.



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