Let The Galaxy Burn!

A Fine Experiment

The warband struggles to find a Navigator and remaining crew

The group puts their heads together and tries to find a solution to their issue of a lack of navigator. Knowing that Navigators are a psychic mutant, with a specific mutation, the beginnings of a plan start to form. With the help of Dalek, the track down pockets of psykers. After rounding them up with a bit of diffculty, they arrange a ritual. Dalek channels the power of the Warp, pouring the energies into the psykers, causing horrific mutations. Fortunately, the process worked in one individual, with the rest (save one) being discarded.

With the basics of a crew, and the addition of Magus Xavros to the crew of the Chains and his Mechanicum allies, they are free to travel the Vortex.

The crew of the Chains of Judgement is in need of some more crew. With some basic knowledge in the Cogitators of the Vortex, they travel to the primitive planet of Asphodel to enslave groups of Kroot.

The Kroot have already been contacted, and they are in contact with a Tau Ethereal. Aun’So’Ka is commander and leader of a small force of Tau in the area. How they got there and what they are doing is still in question. With a small amount of time to enslave the Kroot, they begin a campaign against smaller and remote communities, using their lack of advanced weapons as a way to impress their will over them.

Pretending to be a Commisar of the Imperial Guard, William Arn sends a transmission to the Tau ship, ordering an “Exterminatus” of the planet.

With the slave pens full and process of converting them to servitors into full swing, the Chains is again ready to travel the stars.



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