Let The Galaxy Burn!

Dealing With The Mad
Answers create more questions

After gathering stories from pirate crews, and folk tales from the locals, it is clear that there is no historical record of the Kasserkratch and it’s role within the Vortex. It is known to many that the sorcerer lords of Q’sal are industrious and scholarly. After travelling to the planet, and observing some of the strange customs, they ask around for some kind of specialist. This leads them to a demented, minor psyker/scholar named Dalafion. His research is disorganized and immobile. It is in code and vaguely indecipherable.

After bartering a deal for information in exchange for souls, the warband has the possible next location of the Grand Cruiser.

In the meantime, several attempts at creating a Daemonhost prove to be eventually successful, and a daemonic minion of Chaos is imprisoned in the body of a young girl.

Several long conversatiosn with Archmagos Xavros have proven to be logistically difficult. After establisshing a priority, refitting the Chains, and gathering the needed supplies, they head off for the quardinates. Dalek searches and observes the tides of the Warp, looking for a surge where the ship might appear. By suprise, it turns up right in front of them, nearly causing a collision. The Chains creates a makeshift dock on the ship, and preparations are made to board it.

Infamy has its Rewards
The heretics look for soldiers and pirates

The world of Kurse is a barren world full of a chemical mess, mutants, and ruins. The asteroids around the world have been altered by the mechanicus of the Hollows to support life. Kurse is a perfect place to pick up would be pirates and crew for voidships. It is a port of call for all manner of ship captains. The gladiatorial pits provide perfect entertainment and recruitment opportunities for those looking for warriors. This is exactly the type of crew that the heretics are looking for.

After filling the Chains with warrior and a pirate crew, the group looks for other military allies. Hek’Atamet is a Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons and is looking for the warp-tossed wreck of the Kassercratch for something. Though it isn’t clear what it is, it is clear that he is willing to risk the lives of thousands in order to achieve his goal. William Arn makes a deal to bring him there and find it, in exchange for the ship’s hull itself.

With a goal in place, the group starts to make plans for finding and retreiving the ship.

Perils of Diplomacy
The heretics look for a way to get Mercenaries on board the Chains

With a fully capable ship, William Arn looks to install his power with a ground army. With their success in raiding Asphodel of their Kroot, they look to the sister planet Berin and their feral Ork populace to gain plentiful warriors.

Negotiations didn’t go completely as planned. With a small beachhead established. A small team went to convince the Orks to join the side of the growing forces of the heretics. Communication broke down with the tribe’s Wyrd Boy, it became clear that the patience of the Commisar had a limit and it was the suggestion that if there was not going to be negotiations with the Boss, then there was going to be a Waagh. This riled the Boyz up and the group soon found themselves outgunned and outnumbered.

Returning to the ship dissapointed and enraged, William Arn ordered the immediate execution of all the Orks onboard, including Admiral Gromek and his Boyz.

A Fine Experiment
The warband struggles to find a Navigator and remaining crew

The group puts their heads together and tries to find a solution to their issue of a lack of navigator. Knowing that Navigators are a psychic mutant, with a specific mutation, the beginnings of a plan start to form. With the help of Dalek, the track down pockets of psykers. After rounding them up with a bit of diffculty, they arrange a ritual. Dalek channels the power of the Warp, pouring the energies into the psykers, causing horrific mutations. Fortunately, the process worked in one individual, with the rest (save one) being discarded.

With the basics of a crew, and the addition of Magus Xavros to the crew of the Chains and his Mechanicum allies, they are free to travel the Vortex.

The crew of the Chains of Judgement is in need of some more crew. With some basic knowledge in the Cogitators of the Vortex, they travel to the primitive planet of Asphodel to enslave groups of Kroot.

The Kroot have already been contacted, and they are in contact with a Tau Ethereal. Aun’So’Ka is commander and leader of a small force of Tau in the area. How they got there and what they are doing is still in question. With a small amount of time to enslave the Kroot, they begin a campaign against smaller and remote communities, using their lack of advanced weapons as a way to impress their will over them.

Pretending to be a Commisar of the Imperial Guard, William Arn sends a transmission to the Tau ship, ordering an “Exterminatus” of the planet.

With the slave pens full and process of converting them to servitors into full swing, the Chains is again ready to travel the stars.

Iron Within, Iron Without
The heretics strike at the Iron Warrior guardians.

The warband launched its assault against the Emmisarry and his servitors. Chainblades clashed against ceramite. The great fist of the Emmisary smashed into Drask, shattering the chestplate of his armor and crumbling him to the ground. Plasma blasts from the Emmisary’s plasma pistol struck through cover and armor, wounding Arturus. After a pitched battle, where survival was slim, a psychic mishap jammed all the weapons in the area, causing the pistol to overload, and stun the Iron Warrior. The warband pushed their advance, bringing the warrior down and decapitating him. With his dying gasps, he called his battle brothers to reinforce as the heretics tried to find another way to halt and delay the progress on the titan.

The melta welders and tools around the manufactorum helped in the sabatoge. Arturus and Dalek went to destroy the other elevator. It was already in motion, with three Iron Warrior Tactical Marines onboard. The resulting firefight was devastating. After a blight grenade mishap, Dalek began to swiftly back away from combat. Arturus was left facing down the marines as he was pelted with bolter shell after bolter shell, sustaining injury after injury. Drask soon entered the fray and Arn, as well, slowly bringing down the small squad of Warriors.

The heretics were finished, and retreated back to the underhive where they were met by Xavros. He agreed to their payment and said that the Chains would be ready within two weeks. This left William Arn time to look for a suitable captain for the ship. Many of the qualified captains were already on ships. A few xenos, including the renegade eldar Valekarvarian the Black and Kapitan Gromak, a Freebooter captain with a few of his boyz were qualified and available.

Arn decided to visit the rumors of Gromak and found his boyz and the Kapitan too easy to manipulate. They hired him almost immediately and now await the Chains to be finished beign repaired.

They are left hunting for the remaining crew, a staff of Mechanicum, and a competant way to navigate the warp.

Repairing the Chains
The Warband slugs through the drudges of repair and commerce in the Vortex

The heretics are transported to the surface of the Hollows to find a way to restock, ressuply, repair, and crew their new aquisition. The Gods smile on them, because this is precisely the kind of world that they can accomplish their goals on. After finding a temporary base of operations, they hire a guide to take them around the different levels of the Hive.

There they first find Adept Xavros, who is less than impressed with their reputation or their demeanor. After some looking around and scrounging, the Warband cannot find anything of value aboard the Chains of Judgement. Xavros, with word from the Archmagus, has worked out a deal in order to repair their ship.

An Iron Warriors Warsmith has one of his Reaver Titans here in repair by the opposing Archmagus’s facilities. To disgrace him, the Heretics are to go into the facility and disrupt the repair processes, stalling the operation.

With a brilliant plan in motion, and the confidence of the Gods behind them, they stroll into the facility like they own it. It gets them far, well past the workers and servitors to the Foreman. The foreman begs their forgiveness and brings them to the Emmisary of the Warsmith, who is overseeign the repairs. Unexpectadly, the Warband discusses the project with the ever suspicious Emmisary.

It is then that the heretics launch their attack…

Takeover of the Chains of Judgement
The heretics take control of the Chains of Judgement
Arturas and Drask storm the front doors of the Bridge with Dalek backing them up. Arn, along with some of the carrion tribesman storm through the ventilation shaft. Armed with blight grenades, the tribesman unwittingly sacrificed their lives to send a big blow to the remaining acolytes. After a long, arduous fight, the heretics take the bridge. Interrogator Crane went toe to toe with Drask, but was no match for the World Eater’s strength.

Soon after the battle was won, the Chains of Judgement lurched from the warp. Damaged, and it’s distress beacon activated, it sits in realspace. In the matter of a day, the ship was hailed and met by Captain Antion of a Mars Class Battlecruiser, Indomitable. After a tense series of deceptions, the Captain sends Imperial Guard to quell the riots on board. Also sent were members of the Mechanicus to repair some of the minor systems.

Repaired and safe for travel, the Chains of Judgement made the jump to Warp and ended at the mysterious Dark Mechanicus world of the Hollows, deep within the Screaming Vortex.

Broken Chains
A group of Heretics is awoken aboard a derelict prison ship.

It has been two hundred years that the Heretics have been in their stasis pods. During that time, a Daemonhost in the employ of Inquisitor Renthor started an uprising on the Chains of Judgement. The battle was fierce and long, eventually ending in the full takeover of the ship, but imprisoning Karnak Zul in the Armory of the Chains.

After awakening, they scour the room for some semblance of weapon to defend themselves with. They find a cogitator and servo-skull letting them know what had happened. They find that their equipment is in Investigative Laboratorium V. After carefully travelling the corridoor to the location, they find feral humans, trying to take away their equipment. Dispatching them was easy, and the Heretics looked for a way to go to the upper decks.

Searching down in the lower decks, Arturas found Lugarch a plaguebearer trapped on the Chains. He had the key for the security doors that head to the upper decks. In exchange he wanted food. After the heretics found that he was just going to milk the situation for all the bodies he could eat, they finally threatened to burn all the bodies they found or made so that he would starve to death. Faced with hunger, he reluctantly gave up the key.

As they travelled to the upper decks, Inquisitor Crane offered a quick death for the Heretics and sent some of his Alpha Acolytes to attack and bring back the Heretics. They soon found the Queen of the feral humans in a makeshift common area. The Black Hand of the Guard easilly convinced the queen that once he took control of the ship, she would be free to go to other lands. She approved, but wanted proof that they were capable warriors. Drask was sent to the fighting pits and easilly dispatched three Murder Servitors.

Voices had been filling the head of Dalek, and they eventually found Karnak Zul in the Armory. Having been confronted with Dalek face to face, Zul recognized him and offered his assistance, with his word against treachery, though needing a new body. William Arn easilly agreed, and the Daemonhost’s power was added to his own. The Daemonhost/Arn crawled up an acess shaft with Carrion Tribesman while Drask and Arturas went to the front doors to the heavilly fortified Bridge.


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