William Arn

Lean man standing about six feet tall. Always wears a leather glove over his right hand with the imperial symbol of the Commissariat displayed on it. Also frequents wearing black chain mail armor and a power sword.


Name: William Arn, Commissar Arn, Black Hand of the Guard, Inquisitor Crane

WS: 29
BS: 38
S: 27
T: 29
AG: 32
INT: 48**
PER: 43
WP: 44
FEL: 61**
INF: 74
Wounds: 8
Corruption: 27





Current: Undivided
Khorne: 0
Nurgle: 0
Slaanesh: 3
Tzeentch: 3

Common Lore (Adminstratum)
Common Lore (War)
Trade (Linguist)
Low Gothic
Command +20
Deceive +10
Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy)
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis): Imperium war strategy
Forbidden Lore (Codex Astrates): Knowledge of Space Marine tactics and organizations.
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes): Knowledge of Space Marine organization, home worlds, and practices including blasphemous knowledge of rites, rituals, and beliefs.
Forbidden Lore (Inquisition)

Silver Tongue: Roll fellowship test. If you pass, gain Peer (2) for any one organization.

Quick and the Dead: +2 to initiative rolls

Air of Authority: Affect up to 10 times fellowship rating.

Hatred (Imperial Guard): I hate the Imperial Guard. Scum bags.

Peer (Planetary Defense): +10 to fellowship when dealing with members of that organizations.

Total Recall: Photographic memory. May recall trivial information for free, more complex with an intelligence test

Unshakable Will: May reroll failed Fear and Terror tests.

Radiant Presence: Everyone, minus the character, feels euphoric and gains a +10 bonus to willpower when attempting to resist Fear, Terror, and intimidation.

Mimic: May mimic other people’s voices with a -10 to scrutiny.

Inspire Wrath: Charm test to inspire hatred. Those opposing may roll a willpower test. May affect up to 10 times characters fellowship with Air of Authority, and 100 times with demagogue.

Excessive Wealth: +10 to Infamy for acquisition bonus.

Combat Formation: +1 to initiative for everyone. May use my intelligence bonus (4) instead of agility bonus.

Infused Knowledge: Know all common and scholastic lore.

Icon of Blasphemy: Gain Fear 3 for one round per game session.

Illusion of Normalcy: Unremarkable, regardless of weapons held or mutations. Can be detected by Psykers.

Weapon Talents: Primary, Las

Common Craftsmanship Power Sword
Good Quality Chain mail (+5 Fellowship)
Chaos Symbol Pendant
Unholy Tomes
4 Blight Grenades
2 Laspistol clips
Las Pistol
Integrator Crane’s Badge
Integrator Crane’s Power Sword
Carapace Armor
Light Power Armor (Life Support, Vox Link, Magnetic Boots)
Frozen Shard

2,982 Slaves
8 Slave Trainers
20 Commissar
20 Ogryn
10 Bikers
5,600 Servitors
80 Tech Priests
360 Soldiers

1 Grand Cruiser
1 Destroyer
4 Frigates


Originally a Commissar of the Imperium of Men, William made many enemies among his fellow Commissars for his ability to turn enemies into allies. However, those that were not turned were mercilessly punished through death if they were lucky. Those that survived any conflict were tortured and placed on display for all those to see. It’s because of this, and William’s glove that he was frequently referred to as the “Black Hand of the Guard”.

After putting down a handful of planetary rebellions, he achieved the full rank of Commissar and was given command of his own Imperial Guard regiment. With the aid of revolutionaries turned allies, William was able to put down a minor chaos insurgent on the planet. During the ending phases of the rebellion, and acting as planetary governor, several of his lower officers found William’s “parents” who admitted to being chaos disciples. They claimed that William was taught all of the tenants of the Chaos gods, which gave him an uncanny ability to work with those who betrayed the Emperor.

After a quick trial of William’s “parents” they were executed before members of the Inquisition landed. After Arn’s subordinates explained how William had turned companies of rebelling Imperial Guard back to the Emperor with very little punishment, it was clearly because Arn had been working for darker powers.

The Inquisition, knowing the amount of knowledge Arn had about not only Imperial battle tactics, but potential knowledge on current troop deployment and Space Marine tactics, he was placed on the Chains of Judgement, the closest Inquisition ship. Arn was to be brought to the Inquisition for further questioning about his involvement with Chaos.

During his capture, William indicated on multiple occasions that the Imperial Guard were making a mistake and he was innocent. Despite his pleas, the Inquisition took him, however it started Arn to thinking about creating his own rebellion…

William Arn

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