With a slight stench of death and rot, this space marine towers over his seas of foes. He goes into combat proudly in his bone colored armor..adorned with the markings of his deity..Grandfather Nurgle.


Name: Arturus


WS: 32
BS: 52 +
Str: 40
T: 72 + + +
Ag: 15
Int: 33
Per: 40
WP: 44
Fel: 35
Inf: 43 +
Wounds: 27
Corruption: 28





Khorne: 0
Nurgle: 11
Slaanesh: 0
Tzeentch: 1

Common Lore(War)
Forbidden Lore(Apeptus Astartes)
Forbidden Lore(Horus Heresy)
Forbidden Lore(Long War)
Low Gothic
Parry +10
Intimidate +10


Amphibious: Can breathe underwater indefinitely.

Unnatural Strength/Toughness +4: Add 4 to Strength/Toughness Bonus.

Grossly Fat: – Fellowship, – Agility, + Toughness


Ambidextrous: Can use weapon in off hand without -20 penalty

Bulging Biceps: Can fire heavy weapons with Semi-Auto and Full Auto Bursts without bracing, does not suffer -30 penalty.

Deadeye Shot: When making a Called Shot (ranged only), reduce the penalty to hit by 10 (-10 penalty overall).

Disarm: Full Action: Oppose weapon check. Winning the check forces the enemy to drop their weapon. 3 degrees or more, you take their weapon.

Disturbing Voice: +10 Intimidate, -10 Charm

Heightened Senses: +10 Bonus to Awareness tests for certain senses (Sight, Hearing)

Legion Weapon Training: Can use Legion Weapons without penalty.

Lightning Reflexes: Roll twice for Initiative Rolls, use the highest.

Nerves of Steel: May re roll failed Pinning Tests. +10 to Willpower resisting enemy Intimidation Tests

Quick Draw: Draw and ready a weapon as a Free Action. Only applies to Basic-Class ranged weapons and one handed melee weapons.

Rapid Reload: All reload times are cut in half, rounded down. (Half action becomes Free, Full becomes Half, 2 Full becomes 1 Full, etc..)

Resistance: +10 Bonus to resist of certain damage/effects. (Cold, Heat, Poison)

Sharpshooter: When making a Called Shot (ranged only), reduce the penalty to hit by 10 (Stacks with Deadeye Shot, reducing the penalty to 0).

Sound Constitution (5): +1 Wound (Can be taken multiple times)

True Grit: Reduces the amount of Critical damage by toughness bonus (Minimum of 1) (Reduces Critical damage by 10).

Unarmed Warrior: Gains Natural Weapon Trait doing 1d10 damage. Counts as being amred even while bare handed.

Weapon Training: Can use Weapon Group [Solid Projectile] without penalty.

Reaper Auto-Cannon
Plasma Pistol
Legionnaire Terminator Armor
– Autosenses w/ Auspex
– Vox Link
– Mag. Boots
– Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer
– Sustainable Power Source
– Bio Monitor and Injectors
Legionnaire Bolter
Legionnaire Bolt Pistol
Legionnaire Chainsword
Legionnaire Combat Knife
Legionnaire Heavy Bolter
Legionnaire Heavy Flamer
2 Heavy Flamer Fuel Cells
1 Plasma Pistol Charge Pack
1 Auto-Cannon Magazine
1 Inferno Auto-Cannon Magazines
1 Toxic Auto-Cannon Magazine
4 Bolter Magazines
4 Heavy Bolter Hellfire Magazines
2 Bolt Pistol Clips


Arturus was part of the Death Guard, a squad member among Calas Typhon’s of the first to turn during the Horus Heresy. Unable to return home, he unwilling followed his other fellow Death Guard into the Eye of Terror..where he was swain to the glories of Grandfather Nurgle, turning away from the Corpse Emperor forever.

What seemed like only a few years later, he emerged from the Eye, along with a small squad of Death Guard to wreak havoc across the Galaxy. His squad was then ambushed during one of their raids, leaving Arturus the only survivor. Arturus was captured and put on the prison ship Chains of Judgement, with Interrogator Crane at the helm.


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