Let The Galaxy Burn!

Takeover of the Chains of Judgement

The heretics take control of the Chains of Judgement

Arturas and Drask storm the front doors of the Bridge with Dalek backing them up. Arn, along with some of the carrion tribesman storm through the ventilation shaft. Armed with blight grenades, the tribesman unwittingly sacrificed their lives to send a big blow to the remaining acolytes. After a long, arduous fight, the heretics take the bridge. Interrogator Crane went toe to toe with Drask, but was no match for the World Eater’s strength.

Soon after the battle was won, the Chains of Judgement lurched from the warp. Damaged, and it’s distress beacon activated, it sits in realspace. In the matter of a day, the ship was hailed and met by Captain Antion of a Mars Class Battlecruiser, Indomitable. After a tense series of deceptions, the Captain sends Imperial Guard to quell the riots on board. Also sent were members of the Mechanicus to repair some of the minor systems.

Repaired and safe for travel, the Chains of Judgement made the jump to Warp and ended at the mysterious Dark Mechanicus world of the Hollows, deep within the Screaming Vortex.



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