Let The Galaxy Burn!

Repairing the Chains

The Warband slugs through the drudges of repair and commerce in the Vortex

The heretics are transported to the surface of the Hollows to find a way to restock, ressuply, repair, and crew their new aquisition. The Gods smile on them, because this is precisely the kind of world that they can accomplish their goals on. After finding a temporary base of operations, they hire a guide to take them around the different levels of the Hive.

There they first find Adept Xavros, who is less than impressed with their reputation or their demeanor. After some looking around and scrounging, the Warband cannot find anything of value aboard the Chains of Judgement. Xavros, with word from the Archmagus, has worked out a deal in order to repair their ship.

An Iron Warriors Warsmith has one of his Reaver Titans here in repair by the opposing Archmagus’s facilities. To disgrace him, the Heretics are to go into the facility and disrupt the repair processes, stalling the operation.

With a brilliant plan in motion, and the confidence of the Gods behind them, they stroll into the facility like they own it. It gets them far, well past the workers and servitors to the Foreman. The foreman begs their forgiveness and brings them to the Emmisary of the Warsmith, who is overseeign the repairs. Unexpectadly, the Warband discusses the project with the ever suspicious Emmisary.

It is then that the heretics launch their attack…



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