Let The Galaxy Burn!

Perils of Diplomacy

The heretics look for a way to get Mercenaries on board the Chains

With a fully capable ship, William Arn looks to install his power with a ground army. With their success in raiding Asphodel of their Kroot, they look to the sister planet Berin and their feral Ork populace to gain plentiful warriors.

Negotiations didn’t go completely as planned. With a small beachhead established. A small team went to convince the Orks to join the side of the growing forces of the heretics. Communication broke down with the tribe’s Wyrd Boy, it became clear that the patience of the Commisar had a limit and it was the suggestion that if there was not going to be negotiations with the Boss, then there was going to be a Waagh. This riled the Boyz up and the group soon found themselves outgunned and outnumbered.

Returning to the ship dissapointed and enraged, William Arn ordered the immediate execution of all the Orks onboard, including Admiral Gromek and his Boyz.



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