Let The Galaxy Burn!

Infamy has its Rewards

The heretics look for soldiers and pirates

The world of Kurse is a barren world full of a chemical mess, mutants, and ruins. The asteroids around the world have been altered by the mechanicus of the Hollows to support life. Kurse is a perfect place to pick up would be pirates and crew for voidships. It is a port of call for all manner of ship captains. The gladiatorial pits provide perfect entertainment and recruitment opportunities for those looking for warriors. This is exactly the type of crew that the heretics are looking for.

After filling the Chains with warrior and a pirate crew, the group looks for other military allies. Hek’Atamet is a Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons and is looking for the warp-tossed wreck of the Kassercratch for something. Though it isn’t clear what it is, it is clear that he is willing to risk the lives of thousands in order to achieve his goal. William Arn makes a deal to bring him there and find it, in exchange for the ship’s hull itself.

With a goal in place, the group starts to make plans for finding and retreiving the ship.



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