Let The Galaxy Burn!

Broken Chains

A group of Heretics is awoken aboard a derelict prison ship.

It has been two hundred years that the Heretics have been in their stasis pods. During that time, a Daemonhost in the employ of Inquisitor Renthor started an uprising on the Chains of Judgement. The battle was fierce and long, eventually ending in the full takeover of the ship, but imprisoning Karnak Zul in the Armory of the Chains.

After awakening, they scour the room for some semblance of weapon to defend themselves with. They find a cogitator and servo-skull letting them know what had happened. They find that their equipment is in Investigative Laboratorium V. After carefully travelling the corridoor to the location, they find feral humans, trying to take away their equipment. Dispatching them was easy, and the Heretics looked for a way to go to the upper decks.

Searching down in the lower decks, Arturas found Lugarch a plaguebearer trapped on the Chains. He had the key for the security doors that head to the upper decks. In exchange he wanted food. After the heretics found that he was just going to milk the situation for all the bodies he could eat, they finally threatened to burn all the bodies they found or made so that he would starve to death. Faced with hunger, he reluctantly gave up the key.

As they travelled to the upper decks, Inquisitor Crane offered a quick death for the Heretics and sent some of his Alpha Acolytes to attack and bring back the Heretics. They soon found the Queen of the feral humans in a makeshift common area. The Black Hand of the Guard easilly convinced the queen that once he took control of the ship, she would be free to go to other lands. She approved, but wanted proof that they were capable warriors. Drask was sent to the fighting pits and easilly dispatched three Murder Servitors.

Voices had been filling the head of Dalek, and they eventually found Karnak Zul in the Armory. Having been confronted with Dalek face to face, Zul recognized him and offered his assistance, with his word against treachery, though needing a new body. William Arn easilly agreed, and the Daemonhost’s power was added to his own. The Daemonhost/Arn crawled up an acess shaft with Carrion Tribesman while Drask and Arturas went to the front doors to the heavilly fortified Bridge.



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